Dr. Hoyt's List

Are you looking for ways to prevent or slow down the onset of dementia?

Download this list of 25 specific actions you can take to fight back against Alzheimer's disease from Dr. Hoyt, MD, Neuropathologist.

What You Can Expect

This list features specific lifestyle and dietary recommendations that have been found to help delay the onset and reduce the symptoms of dementia for Alzheimer's patients.

There is Hope

Watch as Dr. Hoyt explains how a professor used these changes to improve and extend his wife's life with advanced Alzheimer's disease.

Bonus: 21 Days to a Happy, Healthy Brain

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21 Days to a Happy, Healthy Brain,

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In this video series, Dr. Marci Hardy, PhD, will help you form habits, like the professor and his wife, that may reduce the risk or delay the onset of Alzheimer's disease.

Curious what kind of recommendations are on

Dr. Hoyt's List?

Here are a few examples...

  • Reduce Stress - Choose yoga, meditation/prayer, or music,etc. Reduces overproduction of cortisol

  • Optimize Diet - Minimize simple CHO and inflammation. Anti-inflammatory/ Mediterranean diet and whole grains.

  • Increase focus - Introduce Pantothenic acid into your diet with Vitamin B-5 at 600 mg/day.

Want the full list of detailed, scientific recommendations to help reduce the symptoms and delay the onset of Alzheimer's disease? Get the list now!